About The Insight Exchange

The Insight Exchange connects industry leaders, discerning thinkers and future creators to share and develop ideas that will shape the future.

Through communities, forums and roundtables we bring together senior executives who are passionate creators and leading innovators to explore together ideas that will drive positive change.

Previously The Insight Exchange has organised landmark conferences including Future of Media Summit, Future of Influence Summit and Future of Crowdsourcing Summit, each held simultaneously in Sydney and San Francisco linked by video, the first events in the world to span two continents. Other major events we have run include Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum and SME Technology Forum.

Sponsors of our events and networks have included:

The Insight Exchange is a member of the Advanced Human Technologies Group of companies, which currently comprises:

Tapping the potential of the network economy for ourselves and our clients

Helping leading organizations to see and create the future

Amplifying strategic collective intelligence

Connecting leaders and ideas at the edge of the future