Web 2.0 in Australia

Web 2.0 in Australia was held in June 2007, followed by Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Apps Launch in May 2008. Both events were extended lunches KPMG’s Sydney offices, featuring the best of what was happening in Web 2.0 in Australia. Each event included a showcase of five leading Web 2.0 applications, and panels of the leading players in the space in Australia.

Web 2.0 in Australia – Resources

Review of Web 2.0 in Australia event

Complete video of Web 2.0 in Australia event

One minute interviews with speakers at Web 2.0 in Australia

Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications home page

Web 2.0 in Australia – Past Speakers

Speakers at Web 2.0 in Australia events have included:

Rob Antulov, Co-Founder and CEO, 3eep

Sean Aylmer, Editor-in-chief, BRW

Martin Hosking, Chairman, RedBubble

Dean McEvoy, CEO & Founder, Booking Angel

Duncan Riley, CEO, The Inquisitr

Richard Slatter, General Manager, Plugger

Malcolm Thornton, Investment Director, Starfish Ventures

Adrian McDermott, BEA Systems

Mick Liubinskas, CMO, Tangler

Peter Russell, Partner, KPMG

Phil Morle, CTO, Omnidrive

Richard Giles, CEO, Scouta

Richard MacManus, CEO, ReadWriteWeb

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