Yvonne Adele, CEO, Ideas While you Sleep

Yvonne Adele
Chief Idealist
Ideas Culture

In the 21st century, even the smallest company can now access the world’s best systems, efficiencies and high tech tools. It’s getting harder to create a genuine competitive edge.

Welcome to the Age of BIG Ideas, where success now relies on finding a constant supply of fresh ideas, followed up with swift activation.

As the founder of Ideas Culture, Yvonne teaches the skills that enable anyone to unlock their thinking potential. Yvonne believes you need better ideas and more ideas than your competition. From everyone, at every level. Product ideas, service ideas plus ideas that permeate the entire business. Staff need confidence to start quickly activating them in order to stay ahead of the pack.

Taking a dose of her own medicine, Yvonne used her brainstorming techniques to invent the world first Ideas While You Sleep – an overnight globally crowdsourced brainstorming service, giving customers around 100 ideas to solve any business challenge.

A Microsoft graduate with a couple of decades of corporate experience, Yvonne created the Ms Megabyte brand/persona in the mid 90’s. This led to a national media profile and best-selling book. Since then Yvonne has been refining her creative thinking techniques and now teaches them to teams and conference audiences… and has yet to find someone who cannot use said techniques to consistently generate, select and then implement sophisticated ideas to solve any business challenge.

Yvonne is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) with the National Speakers Association


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