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18 August 2009 * 2pm – 6:30pm * Half Day Event
Radisson, Sydney, NSW
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With the advent of new technologies and the uplift in social media interaction, behaviors and hence communication are taking on a more engaging and relaxed tone. This means, the way consumers approach, read, and interact with content is changing. Marketers, advertising executives, and publishers need to be at the forefront of this change and shift to a more engaging dialogue, offer a unique content experience, and provide value in their content to attract, interact and retain readers.

Join us for an EXCLUSIVE half day event as we discuss:
– the way we view, create and promote content in this new communication landscape
– the role of premium content in publishing
– how to create compelling and engaging content in marketing and advertising
and so much more!

If you want to hear and experience the future of content, then this is the event for you!
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Welcome Remarks

Beth Etling, CEO, The Insight Exchange

Keynote Presentation: Content 2.0 and the Future of Marketing & Advertising

Gerd Leaonhard:  Media Futurist

Gerd Leonhard: Media Futurist

Futurist Gerd Leonhard will talk about the key trends and developments from around the globe, depict the most likely scenarios in the next 3-5 years, and describe opportunities that will arise from the global change to a networked and fully converged ecosystem of Content & Media, Marketing and Advertising.Gerd Leonhard: is a Media Futurist, Author & Blogger, Keynote Speaker & Strategist. The Wall Street Journal calls Gerd – one of the leading Media Futurists in the World. He is considered a leading expert on a wide range of topics such as social media, web/media 2.0, mobility, innovation, UGC and peer production, social networking, education, copyright and IPR issues, digital content commerce models, convergence, entrepreneurship, innovation in advertising and branding, future planning, digital content strategies and the development of next-generation business models in the content, communications & technology industries.

Preview samples of Gerds presentations, podcasts, and videos. You won’t want to miss this dynamic futurist.

3:30pm Afternoon Tea
3:45pm Industry Presentations:

Craig Davis, Former Chief Creative Officer, JWT

Craig Davis, Co-Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Mojo

Demystifying Content

Marketing, advertising and publishing executives need to understand that all media should to be treated as social media, first, before we can be creative and effective with content. With this understanding in place, Craig Davis will dive into the three pillar points to demystifying content.He will discuss how:
– content is at the backbone of interactivity
– content created and distributed correctly will get socialised but that’s just one factor to success
– and how having an understanding of the communication behaviors will affect the content you create, distribute and evolve.

Read more on Our Insights about his presenation.

Craig Davis
Co-Chairman & Chief Creative Officer Australia/New Zealand
Publicis Mojo

Justin Lam, Group Brand Manager, Cerebos Foods

Justin Lam, Group Brand Manager, Cerebos Foods

Tailoring Content to Gain Marketshare: A Case StudyWith the advent of new content distribution models, media agencies, publishers and most of all brands are becoming even more marketing and advertising savy by using content to differentiate themselves.

Justin Lam, Group Brand Manager of Cerebos Foods is one of those executives who’s taken a new approach to marketing through content. His challenge was to launch a number of new products, Asian Home Gourmet meals, into a pretty static category that focused only on differentiating themselves through product authenticity and ingredients. Immediately, Justin saw a gap to take his products further, focusing on the journey his products captured.

By developing a compelling story, Justin decided not to focus on the obvious product benefits but instead focused on engaging his consumers emotionally with Asian culture and cuisines. Justin started at a high level to demystify the category by partnering with LonelyPlanet to create and deliver tailored content. It was this content that educated consumers about Asian cultures and cuisines and then linked these emotional insights to the product and brand. With his agencies and LonelyPlanets as his trusted content provider and distributor, Asian Home Gourmet was able to generate interest, link the brand to a trusted source, and eventually extend this partnership into a larger social media campaign for engagement.

Join Justin as he walks you through how he and his agencies took a new approach to marketing and advertising by focusing on content.

Read more on Our Insights about his presenation.

Justin Lam
Group Brand Manager, Asian Home Gourmet
Cerebos Foods

Louisa Bayles, Digital Manager, BBC Worldwide

Louisa Bayles, Digital Manager, BBC Worldwide

Adapting Content for DistributionOnce content is created and aligned, the third piece to the content puzzle is distributing it to the right market in the right format. Brands, agencies and most importantly publishers are realising consumers are preferring to engage on niche platforms with content that interests them. The challenge is now how to attract, retain and maintain a connection with these consumers as they continually look for new and interesting content. In this session we’ll look to discuss a number of issues surrounding content and distribution including:

– The role of premium content in publishing
– The entertainment factor of content
– Whether to create a platform or utilize what’s out there for content distribution

Join BBC Worldwide executive Louisa Bayles, as she discusses how content is changing and how having a distribution strategy can enhance not only consumer engagement but a companies bottom line.

Louisa Bayles
Digital Manager
BBC Worldwide

4:30pm Q&A to Presenters

4:45pm Interactive Strategy Workshop

Ross Dawson, CEO, Advanced Human Technologies

Ross Dawson, CEO, Advanced Human Technologies

This interactive strategy workshop will look to engage attendees by working through set case studies and tasks related to content in advertising and media. This practical working workshop will work through case studies and will then be discussed amongst all attendees at the event, creating a lively discussion around issues, topics, and ideas on how the new role of content is changing.
Workshop leaders:
Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist, and
Ross Dawson, Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies
5:30pm Networking Drinks

$300 + GST per person
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