Speaker Presentations from Getting Results from Crowdsourcing

Here are the Speaker presentations from “Getting Results from Crowdsourcing“. Our apologies – we were unable to use the video from the panel discussion due to a technology error… (you will notice it throughout the individual presentations as a clicking sound. But we did manage to pull the transcript!

Yvonne Adele, Chief Idealist of Ideas Culture shares with us how she created her company “Ideas while you sleep”:

Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer.com explains that you can create a multimillion dollar empire overnight on a shoestring budget, using sites like his:

Alec Lynch. CEO of Designcrowd.com gives us 5 tips in 5 minutes on how to use Crowdsourcing platforms:

Phil Sim
, CEO of Media Connect shares his 10 years of experience using Crowdsourcing Platforms to run his small business:

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