Launch of SME Technology Series!

On Monday night we launched our new series of events for the small to medium business sector with a great topic: “Getting Results from Crowdsourcing”. Thanks to our Venue sponsors Deloitte for providing a fantastic space.

Tony Hollingsworth and Luke Harvey-Palmer moderating their roundtables

Several years ago crowdsourcing wasn’t even a word. Today it is a tool that millions of businesses are taking part in.

The four panelists were great. Each shared a 5 minute presentation on crowdsourcing, presentations that had slides can be found on our slideshare page. We captured it all on video – which we hope to have up in the next week or so.

I want to share with you some web coverage from the event and part of the Twitter stream.

Tony Hollingsworth (host of one of the four expert roundtables: “building online communities”), wrote an excellent blog post on the event:

“Now back to crowdsourcing. The Internet has allowed tools to be built which let us connect, collaborate, converse and build community. Why build community online? You can scale up your relationships for business success. Relationships add value to your network, to your brand, and ultimately your bottom line. I’d rather have someone recommend me to you, than me having to do all the recommending. How do you feel about “shameless self-promoters”? You know you’re good, so my advice is to demonstrate why to others, then they will promote you.”

Paul Wallbank, columnist for, has provided a great write up on crowdsourcing:

As low cost solutions for relatively simple tasks involving no intellectual property, internet outsourcing and crowd sourcing are a good solution for big and small business.

You could hear the tapping of keypads as #TIECrowd was being broadcasted. Here are a selected few from the night:

@paulwallbank:@IdeasCulture explaining how to create a virtual ideas market #tiecrowd

@hollingsworth: Small business should focus on simple, discrete tasks when crowdsourcing, says Alec Lynch from DesignCrowd #TIECrowd

@CatrionaPollard:Just heard the 5 top tips on how to run a successful crowd sourcing. #TIEcrowd

@PC World Australia Phil Sim talks about developing business apps using crowdsourcing – or cloud labour – in a SMB #tiecrowd. “Gotta learn how to do it!”

@miscx: #tiecrowd getting specifications spot on, setting clear expectations, investing time is required for good crowdsourcing results

@g_flashman: #tiecrowd “anything non-core can be outsourced.” question: if you had unlimited labour at lo cost what would you do with your business ?

@n2nComm: #tiecrowd opportunity: how to outsource the project management of crowd sourcing

@g_flashman: #tiecrowd “the better you specify what you want, the better outcome you will get.”. – matt Barrie , CEO

Also at the event – Ross Dawson released his BETA version of the Crowdsourcing Landscape which can be found on the newly launched site

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming events!

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